Valuable Financial Insights

At CMC, we realize how crucial a company’s financial records can be – seeing that all the major company-wide decisions are made keeping the financial statistics in mind. We can help you streamline your financial operations through our top-of-the-line accounting and bookkeeping services.

Accounting Services

We'll Look After Your Books & Accounts

Did you know that a whopping 60% of businesses that didn’t have a dedicated resource in place to manage their finances lost a great deal of money during their corporate journey? Some of them even ended up becoming insolvent!

Most businesses commonly have one major goal – rising profits – which is achievable only if the revenues exceed expenditures. Accounting is the functional process that keeps track of the incomes and expenditures to ensure that businesses maintain profitability. It also helps managers make key strategic decisions after holistically analyzing the available finances and forecasted revenues from potential market opportunities. For these reasons, the accounts department is usually considered the backbone of any successful business or startup.

Since it is so vital to maintain accurate records, many companies around the world outsource their accounting needs to firms that specialize in providing these services. With a vast experience of more than 20 years in the finance industry, CMC offers top-of-the-line accounting services in Dubai and all around the world, ensuring that you remain confident and assured regarding all your accounting related activities such as tracking, recording, reporting, analyzing and evaluating transactional data.

Recognized as one of the leading-edge consultancy firms in Dubai, our experts use state of the art software and tools to maintain all your company’s accounts whilst providing your management with valuable financial insights. This information can prove to be very crucial for growing your business or competing effectively.

Paramount Quality Accounting

Keep your accounts and financial records accurate

We do not see money – we see raw data that needs to be structured and aligned to bring forth impactful results. One tiny error and you could end up losing millions – therefore, our company pays special attention to the accuracy of the company data and finances.

Our accounting services are just an umbrella term for all the solutions we can provide that include bookkeeping Dubai, consultancy, accounting outsourcing services and backlogging. Whether you need a professional view on your financial statements or need your books sorted out, we are there to make it happen, no matter what software you have in-house.

Here’s a quick look into what you’ll be getting:

  • Comprehensive monthly, quarterly and year-end reviews
  • Basic analysis reports from the best UAE auditors
  • Generation of Ledgers, Profit & Loss Statements, and Balance Sheets
  • Creation of Accurate Cash Flow Statements
  • Use of cloud-based software for company records to ensure maximum security
  • Extensive data logging for past records
  • Assistance in reviewing payables and receivables
  • Creation of tailor-made Financial Statements to identify the business’s current standing
  • Advising on the best accounting system to use based on the company’s needs