leading businesses to one specific goal – colossal success!

We enjoy a challenge! With changing dynamics and complexity of industries, every challenge needs to be faced in an exemplary manner. Our industry knowledge and expertise enables us to serve a wide variety of businesses, delivering tailored solutions no matter which industry you belong to.

Industries & Partnerships

Variety of Businesses Experience

At CMC, our corporate and financial services are customised to suit the dynamics of varying industries, with specialists in financial management and accounting from every field. Our multi-skilled team has experience in dealing with a diverse variety of businesses – leading them all to one specific goal – colossal success!

Mentioned below are some of the industries and sectors that we have successfully catered to:

Consumer & Industrial Products

At CMC, we know exactly how fast-paced the journey of a product in the value chain can be – from the manufacturer to the final consumer. And so we offer targeted solutions using the latest technologies and tools that streamline the entire process and bring swift returns on investments. We make sure all the records stay accurate and up to date – thanks to our diligent team.

Energy & Resources

Financial experts at CMC have outstanding industry knowledge in the Energy & Resources sector, dealing with companies in the Mining, Shipping, and Supplying of Water, Oil and Gas resources. We provide our clients with unparalleled industrial insights, which can help them acquire and maintain a solid competitive edge.

IT, Technology, Media & Telecommunications

We serve technology, with technology. Our leading experts are thoroughly trained in the latest financial software and state-of-the-art tools, so that just like your products, your financial information and industry knowledge is up to date as well.

Financial Services

CMC serves firms in the banking, security, finance, private equity, insurance and investment management sectors so that they can focus on the numbers that will earn them revenue instead of spending time on their own accounting needs.

Real Estate Services

CMC’s experienced team has deep knowledge and understanding of the real estate market. We will help you conduct business smoothly in the turbulent real estate market using crucial financial information and analyses – helping you ensure smoother deals and swifter ROIs.

Public Sector Services & Government Corporations

Organisations in the public sector have unique financial requirements that our multi-talented team understands quite well. We are committed to developing innovative and reliable financial solutions for our clients in the public sector to ensure the smooth running of these essential organisations.

Life Sciences, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Services

Our team at CMC deeply appreciates the efforts of the healthcare workers. That is why we engage with firms in the Life Sciences and Healthcare fields to come up with customized solutions that can help them achieve their corporate goals with ease.

Hospitality, Travel & Tourism

As the hospitality industry grows, so do the challenges around effective HR and Finance management. CMC takes care of all your HR needs and finances with customised solutions so that you can take care of your customers in the Hospitality, Travel and Tourism sector with bespoke packages.

Manufacturing & Construction

The Manufacturing & Construction sector deals with bulky materials, equipment and numbers. Our highly qualified team is trained to handle all your financial and VAT consultancy requirements aptly so that you can focus on what you do best.

E-Commerce Services

If your company operates through the Internet, why not automate the entire process using our ERP software. This will give you smooth-running financial records, timely reports and important insights that will allow your company to adapt to minor changes in market trends before your competitors get the chance to do so.

Automobile Sector

At CMC, we believe that your financial problems should be solved in ways that are as fast, smooth, economical and comfortable as the cars your company sells. Our team is dedicated to offering you a seamless experience so you can focus on innovating.

Management Consultancy Services

CMC will help you design innovative, tailored financial solutions for your Management Consultancy firm so you can focus on helping your clients enhance their business performance.

Distribution & General Trading Services

Your distribution vehicles may travel around the world, however with CMC, all your financial tracking, reports and records stay in one place. Our UAE auditors at CMC will expertly handle all your financial requirements in a timely manner – making sure no matter where the point of sale is, everything is on the books.

Safety & Security Services

We provide companies in the Security industry with the latest, safest and the most advanced corporate solutions. From financial recording and reporting to forecasting and HR outsourcing, our team of professionals will do it all for you.

Food & Beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage industry is fast-expanding. This brings forth a new set of challenges revolving around finance, accounting and HR management. Our diligent team uses state-of-the-art software to ensure apt management of all your corporate needs in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner – enabling you to achieve your KPIs faster than ever.