Successful Appeal to Get Reduction

At CMC, we realize how crucial a company’s financial records can be – seeing that all the major company-wide decisions are made keeping the financial statistics in mind. We can help you streamline your financial operations through our top-of-the-line accounting and bookkeeping services.

Tax Penalty Reconsideration

We understand the tax regulation and process

Tax collecting authorities may impose penalties on your company for various reasons such as misrepresentations or miscalculations of tax. If such a case arises, and your company is not satisfied by the justification provided by the authorities, you may file an application for a tax penalty reconsideration with the respective authority. Sounds too complicated? Leave it to us! Our super-reliable tax agent services will build your case with a legal context and file your application for recommendation.

In UAE, Tax Penalties can be appealed at three levels:

  1. Directly to Federal Tax Authority
  2. Tax Resolution Board
  3. Competent Courts

Our expert team can assist you in building up the case in such a way to support you in all the three levels of the appeals – ensuring the decisions come out in your favor within the shortest time frame.