Business registering for Tax

Whether you need VAT registration for a new company in UAE or VAT deregistration services, our skilled team can ensure a smooth transition for your business through state-of-the-art VAT consultancy services.

VAT Registration in UAE

Keep your accounts and financial records accurate

Struggling with VAT registration for new company in UAE – or anywhere else for that matter? Depending on the legislation of your country, you may be required to register your company with official bodies if your VAT taxable turnover is beyond a certain threshold of AED 375,000 per year. Even if your company is not obliged to register, there may be some benefits of doing so. Our experienced team of professionals will guide you in this matter and go through the hassle of registration, so you are free to focus on your business. When the process is complete, you will get access to an official VAT registration certificate.

Documents Required for Registration include but are not limited to:

  • Trade License Copy
  • Certificate of Incorporation (if available)
  • Owner and Manager’s Passport Copy
  • Owner and Manager’s Emirates ID copy
  • Business Address & Contact Information (Building, Flat No, PO BOX, Emirate, Phone No.)
  • Bank Details (Bank Name, Branch, IBAN, Title of Account)
  • Activities of Business (Primary & Secondary)
  • Turnover Declaration Letter – Signed and stamped by the company’s Authorized Signatory


The timing of registration is very important so it needs to be monitored regularly and conducted on time, since there is a straight-up AED 20,000 fine for late registration as per the UAE VAT Laws & Regulations.